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WCS is crashing my server when someone joins...
Yeah so i just installed wcs and right when someone joins the server crashes. So i know i installed it right though, eventscripts/wcs, addons/es tools stuff, cfg/es tools. and i just dont know whats wrong. In the read me it says
If your server crashes randomly, try another EST version. It's known that some
are causing crashes. On my test servers, v0.416d and v0.417a worked well
Mani Admin Plugin and cl_restrict_server_commands 0 are optional !
You can also try the latest ES v0.418, it should fix several glitches with EST !
I'm using 0.418 pretty sure... so i just have no idea what's wrong, help please.

(without wcs the server doesn't crash)
Bad plugin, if you have the latest version already you'll have to wait till they update it.
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