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Hi guys,

I'm currently trying to set up my zombiehorde server.
As soon as I've installed everything (metamod source and uploaded the zombiehorde files and added addons\zombie_horde\bin\zh_mm in the metaplugins.ini) and start the server it crashes.
I've also tried to run it on my own pc with srcds.exe and then it works fine.
Does anybody knows why it's not working? Or has anyone the same problems?

Does it work without zombiehorde?
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Yes it works without the mod. I did a full reinstall before I tried to install zombiehorde but it jsut crashes the server :/
Try to get your hands on all the newest versions of all plugins you are running, that should fix it.
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Actually I'm not running any other plugins. I've the latest version of the zombiemod (I know they don't exist anymore, but the mod runs fine at my own pc) and it still doesn't work.
I'm going to try it once more and if it still doesn't works I'm going for an other plugin...
(btw. thanks for the help Wink)

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