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So, How mant servers could...
We are going to make a community in cs.

Small to start just a 3 servers group.

surf RPG
Glass/aim RPG
Fun plain

The surf and glass/aim are going to be custome RPG builds (Still got some coding to do :s) and use the same XP database for the servers.

Anyways, my question is:

Intel Dual core 2.33ghz, 2x2mbl2cash processor
(running Windows 2003 Standard edition R2)
(Running windows 2003 standard R2 edition)
3gb Corshair XMS2 6400 (800) ram
Sata2 HDD (Forgot size... not raid)
Hosted ina a Dell PowerEdge 860 1u rack inside professional hosting from rapidswitch (Co-Location)
100mbit internet
3000gb bandwidth

Would this system run those 3 servers smoothly? 14(maybe 16) man with 66 tickrate

I presume 3 CS servers wont use 3,000gb bandwidth.
ok , wont let me quick edit

Operating System: Windows 2003 Server Standard R2
shouldn't be a problem at all Smile
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Drocona Wrote:shouldn't be a problem at all Smile

Realised after alot more reading that it wont be a problem AT ALL! Big Grin

And cpu upgraded to 2.66 e8000 series

The price hosting companies charge for a decent machine is a crime. Can build one and get it co-located for much cheaper.

After 6-7 months you have paid the same as hosting for this quality of a machine, but you get to keep the hardware, continue only paying £29 a month and so cheap to upgrade a few gb of ram, or a new hdd etc
It's always good, tell something goes wrong with your server. Then you have to go to the place you're having it co-located with the new part to fix it.
Most times you don't have the part you need right away and could have downtime up to a week. Thats the nice with when renting it, something goes wrong most downtime is around an hour. Just one thing to look at.

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