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I have a good server 100tic, no lag. I just wanted to no if this is possible. the server i run is a scoutzknivez server it runs on that about %80 of the time but i want to be able to change it to a scrim server from the rcon commands when ever i want.. i made a new CFG file named scrim.cfg. and i added "exec scrim.cfg" in the rconlist.txt on mani. but all the settings change but the MOTD, the maplist.txt and i also want the map to change to de_dust2 right away..

I made 2 new files in the cstrike.... scrim_maplist.txt, and scrim_motd.html but it dosent change thos.. and i changed the names in the scrim.cfg but they dont change.
Drocona Wrote:motdfile motd.txt //The MOTD file to load
mapcyclefile mapcycle.txt //File to load mapcycle from

in server.cfg keep this the same

in server2.cfg set mapcyclefile mapcycle2.txt
you can also set a different MOTD, set motdfile motd2.txt

simply copy mapcycletxt and motd.txt, rename to mapcycle2.txt and motd2.txt and edit them to your needs.
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maplist and motd both need a server restart before the changes take effect.
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