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Couldn't Allocate Server UDP Port
I get this problem when I launch srcds that it crashes and its only when I add the following options:

+ip -port 27015

I can't give people my IP seeing my port changes everytime I restart the server, and my server crashes when I add that line
try -ip
Cannot allocate server UDP port....
You can NOT use your EXTERNAL IP when you are behind a router!
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You can't SET it via srcds.
However the server should work with PORTFORWARDING
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You can bind your internal address though
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Well, i had this same problem, and it turned out my ip address had changed somehow. So try getting your ip again!
hey guys same problem... behind router and have ports forwarded. I read up and so now am using the start parameters:
C:\SRCDS\srcds.exe -game cstrike -maxplayers 12 -tickrate 100 +ip
When i start the server i dont get the Cannot allocate UDP port error anymore but the ip in server GUI is 192.168...
is this supposed to happen there but in reality its using external or is this saying server is wrong?
acerman1254 Wrote:Well, i had this same problem, and it turned out my ip address had changed somehow. So try getting your ip again!

Welcome to the world of dynamic IP adresses. You can't do anything about the WAN adress, profided by ISP. But you can make you're local IP static by turning off DHCP on your router.

UDP 1200 (used for friends service)
UDP 27000 to 27015 inclusive
TCP 27020 to 27050 inclusive
UDP: 27015 and 27020 (default HLDS, SRCDS and HLTV port)
TCP: 27015 (SRCDS Rcon port)

Startup parameter -ip <local ip>

Forward ports to local ip. Enable DMZ when it doesn't work.

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