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a rates question
I am having trouble figuring out what to set my rates at. I'm running a hl2dm server with 8 players. My upload speed from Speakeasy is 2131 kpbs. What would be my best setting for maxrate, minupdaterate, and maxupdate rate. The server is running at 66 tick and fps_max 500, so should I leave these alone or change them?
server specs:
P4 3.2Ghz 800fsb
2Gb DDR2 dual channnel memory pc5300
Win XP Pro

PS I purchased some webspace and I have the fast downloads working ( a good thing ) so I shouldn't be getting lagg from players downloading new maps.

I appreciate all your help and information because I have solved several small problems from reading all these other posts.
Read my tutorial and it will explain exactly what and how to calculate your rates.
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