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i run a css server on my home computer and it runs very good, but people cant spray (and i cant too). When i start my server on de_dust2 i can spray, but when i change the map i cant spray anymore. I tried to put off zblock, but i still cant spray :s. Plz help me, is this another command or something?
Is sv_allowupload 1?
what is decalfrequency set to?
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sv_allowupload is on 1
decalfrequency 20 //Amount of time in seconds a player can spray their decal

When i start my server i always see in the black console of my server: sv_pure 2

Can it have something to do with this?

EDIT: i put sv_pure 0 in server.cfg, now it shows in the console while starting stil sv_pure set to 2, but i can spray my sprays, also if i change map

Thx anyway

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