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Couple server issues
I have been running a Srcds server on one of my machines for about a week now. It has been running great until the other night when a couple problems came up. First problem, after about 20 or so hours of being online the server begins to "stutter" in game. It looks like everyone's rates are completely messed. Restarting srcds fixes the problem but I don't really want to restart it every day. Wondering if there is a way to prevent it from doing this.

Next problem is the voice quality. When the map is changed the voice quality goes nuts... Sounds like complete crap. Again, restarting srcds fixes it, but that is just silly to restart everytime.

Specs on the machine are:
Processor: Intel Quad Core 3.0GHz
RAM: 4GBs DDR2 1066MHz (2x2GB)
OS: Windows XP (Might install Server03 later today)
NIC: 2x 100MBit
Connection: Dedicated 25MBit

I pretty much have nothing running on the machine other than the CSS server, a HLserver and my Teamspeak.

The CSS server is 20Slot, 100Tick and Boosted 1000FPS. Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix the stuttering and voice quality?
Well first of all:

Either lower the server slots to 18 or below OR lower the tickrate to 66, maybe 75.
Also drop the 1000FPS to ~500 (fps_max 700)

see how much that decreases your problems, should help quite a bit
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You kinda have to restart a server. The memory gets clogged. Just make a scheduled task and its down for like 3 min.
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