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buffer overrun detected?
well i just exited my css dedicated server after it was working fine and i go to start it again and i get a message popping up saying...

Quote:Buffer overrun detected!

Program: C:\SRCDS\srcds.exe

A buffer overrun has been detected which has corrupted the program's internal state. The program cannot safely continue execution and must now be terminated.

help appreciated Smile
Is it a "Microsoft Visual C++ Debug Library" window?

Does it always popup when you start?

Have you changed/added anything?

Google say that this error affect many programs (the popup windows title gives this away though).

The only useful CSS info (none of the other threads have been answered) is:
koala Wrote:
The buffer overrun problem is discussed in the Steam forum
  1. Make sure steam is not running.
  2. Delete the clientregistry.blob file in the steam folder. (yes- there really is a file with that extension)
  3. Restart steam & allow it to redownload, install & configure itself.
  4. Restart the computer.
In other forums, the problem seemed to be caused by a faulty map file or a pirate copy of the game.
In the case of a server, you would delete "InstallRecord.blob"
k well it's this "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library".

heres what i just did, closed steam etc deleted installrecord.blob, reinstalled the hldsupdatetool, updated it, restarted my comp, tried running it, and the same thing pops up.

p.s., i do have the clientregistry.blob if i would need to delete that or something.
Do you have CSS Client installed on the same machine?

Of so, can you still play it?

Where did you find clientregistry.blob?

You can try deleting it.
yes... i have css installed, yes... i can still play it, and alright ill try deleting them both.
heres a screenshot...

Attached Files
.bmp   cssded.bmp (Size: 380.79 KB / Downloads: 12)
Do you have any new *.mdmp files you can attach?

Does it alway crash when complaining about Translation ID's?
If so, how many lines of ID's are there?

Do you have any suspicions that your hard drive is failing?

Have you done a clean reinstall of all things steam?
That would mean removing any folders left behind.
And maybe do a defrag before reinstall to change the physical location on your disk.
well it was working perfect and everything so i have no idea what happened, but if i wanted to just reinstall the WHOLE thing and start from scratch would i just delete the whole SRCDS folder?
Try using the uninstall features.

Then delete anything left behind.
There are no reinstall features, it's simply a folder with a program inside, so yes just delete it.

Just one other suggestion, don't know if you tried it yet. (mentioned it but...)
Delete the InstallRecord.blob and update with -verify_all then
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