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Sounds on join server?
I've noticed that some servers play a sound when you first connect.

sometimes it's a clip fo a song, sometimes its a "welcome".

however, no amount of googling has thrown up any results about how i might do this.

I would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the correct direction?
This is quite easy done, if you have Mani 1.2
They are working on this for SourceMod ...

Im looking for music at connection and download .. as we have in dod1.3 ..
Any links or explanation on How to do it?
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If you use Sourcemod, I wrote a plugin that does it. I am actually writing it to replace in game sounds for TF2 (Flag captures, round over, etc) but the first feature of it is it plays an in game sound when they connect.

If you need the plugin let me know.

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