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K i have my motd set to my website, this is a freewebs website that lets you add music to your web pages. I wrote the full link in my motd and launched CSS.. Went in my server and the sound worked when i joined but it looped over and over again, does any1 know how to stop it from looping continuously?

Help/suggestions are greatly appreciated
Thx in advance
It's not going to loop unless you add the parameter in the html for it to loop.

I havn't used freewebs, but I went to Scroll down all the way and in the browse box choose your music file. Click upload, and once its uploaded copy just the music file.

Then in your motd in the <head> tags add this:

<bgsound src="">
Ok i went to and uploaded an mp3 file then it gave me this code:

[i]<a href=""><object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="17"
height="17"data=""><param name="movie"value=""
/></object><img src="" border="0">
<br>Music Codes</a>

Im just using an easy editing program to create my website,im not using HTML code or anything. So i added the link of my website in the motd and i also tried adding the link of the music uploader website( I joined my server but unfortunatly the sound did not play.. Hmm.. Could it be that i fucked up the motd? I'll post my motd here and if any1 could tell me what i did wrong, that would be great.

<body scroll="yes">
<bgsound src="">
You never Identified the ending of your <html> tag, or even added a <body> tag
SOC_Doom Wrote:You never Identified the ending of your <html> tag, or even added a <body> tag

im not too familiar with HTML coding so could any1 tell me where to add the link of my website ( ) and the link of thaT music uploader link (<bgsound src=""> )

Thx in advance.

<title><--Title goes here --> </title>
<body bgcolor="<--colour goes here(make sure colour is spelt color)-->">
<font color="<--colour goes here(color)-->">
<--Content goes here-->

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