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I was told you can have a sound file to your server when you have a website. You do something with the html in your motd or something. (what i mean by sound file, when a client connnects to the server it plays an mp3 file)

I was also interested in knowing how to add my homepage on the motd

Could any1 tell me how to do this?

Help/advice is greaty appreciated

Thx in advance
You can embed a song into for example your homepage (google music in HTMl or something like that)
then redirect to your homepage in the MOTD (search for meta redirect)
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kk i now have my homepage on my motd,,Thanks Toungue

Now its just to get a sound on it. im using the freewebs program to create my site so im not sure how to embedd a song on the homepage, i know that there is a tab that lets you put backround music but i wouldnt know how to embed a song on the motd for it to play when some1 joins.

help/suggestions are greatly appreciated
Thx in advance
In the <head> section of it, add this

<bgsound src="link-to-teh-sound">

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