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OK. I have a little problem i made a server on my desktop seeing if i could do it then i decided to delete the one on my desktop and move it to my server. When it finished installing gcf and server files (HldsUpdateTool.exe) . It started giving me this error. Which is weird b/c it worked perfectly when i tested it out on my desktop.

Server Specs.
Windows 2003
150 gig hard drive
576 mb ram
500mhz processor Celeron
5200 Geforce gpu card

I think it could be processor since it works on my desktop.
I wouldn't even try installing a server on that machine, that celeron is one REAL slow and celerons are particularly slower than others, you might get like 4-6 people playing on there (no bots), You'll have to ask yourself, is it worth it?
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It is Server 2003 Sry forgot to mention it. I just wanted something that a few friends could play on.

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