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srcds isnt working NO NOOB Problem
plz help me or i get insane.

I have a Server
Windows Xp + SP2
Amd Athlon XP ~2 GHz
512 MB Ram

I like to make a Team Fortress 2 Server

I installed hldsupdatetool->
then i made a .bat with the command hldsupdatetool -command update -game tf -dir d:\hlserver ->
everything works it is downloading to 100%

then i made a .bat file in the same directory where the srcds.exe is
with the command: srcds.exe -game tf -maxplayers 12

i know what i'm doing i guess^^

and when i try to start the .bat file nothing happens.

I can start it from another pc so i think i have a windows problem or hardware problem or no idea what problem.

PLZ help me guys
I try it to update it with verify_all maybe thats the prob
Here is the full .bat file I use. Feel free to edit it to your wants and needs. Most of the credit goes to Black-Sky and Drocona.

::    SRCDS Guardian     ::
::      Black-Sky        ::
::       Drocona         ::
::                       ::
::       BY MOOGA        ::
::                       ::
::      TF2 Version      ::

::This will make the window clear, remove all paths etc, just to keep the important stuff
@echo off

::Give a name to the window, nothing really important.
title SRCDS Guardian               DeFrag TF2 Server

::Clear the window

::Report to console what we are doing
echo ****To close this script, close this windows and then the SRCDS window****

echo Watching the TF2 SRCDS for crashes

>> TF2_Guardian.log echo.
>> TF2_Guardian.log echo (%date%)(%time%) Started up SRCDS Guardian for TF2.

::Insert a return point if it crashes

echo (%date%)(%time%)        TF2 Server is now online.

>> TF2_Guardian.log echo (%date%)(%time%)        TF2 Server is now online.

::Start the actual server
start /wait C:\hl2server\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game tf -maxplayers 24 -verify_all -autoupdate +fps_max 200 -port 27015 +map ctf_2fort +motdfile DeFrag_motd.txt -tickrate 66 +exec server.cfg

echo (%date%)(%time%) TF2 Server crashed or closed. Now restarting...

>> TF2_Guardian.log echo (%date%)(%time%) TF2 Server crashed or closed. Now restarting...

::Server crashed or closed, so we point it to the return point to start the server again
goto srcds
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ok i've tryed it but nothing happened like before.
i wrote pause at the end so that the window stays open
i made this screen print plz have a look at it.

.jpg   print.jpg (Size: 265.54 KB / Downloads: 31)

i guess its a software prob of windows Sad

and the best thing is when i go on my pc to my S:\ which is the one on the server i can start it. The bat file is 100% working its a microsoft problem but what f... problem??
Try to got to the main SRCDS directory and delete a file called: InstallRecord.blob
Then go inside the orangebox folder and delete the folder called: bin

Then update your server with -verify_all and try again.
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I've tryed it and: nothing again.

See it's not a problem of the hldsupdate i think.
It's a problem of windows or the pc. Can someone of you guys give me remote-help?
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Nobody any idea?[/u]
What happens when you simply try to run the server direct from the command line (not with the batch file)?
Absolutely nothing.
I've the same problem.

I installed a TF2 Server as declared here in the tutorials. I use the .bat script here to let the server up and keep running, but as soon srcds.exe is started, it crashes. Same with commandline only.

Windows XP SP2
AMD Athlon XP 3000+
512 MB Ram
Yeah i've installed the latest drivers available it has to be a windows problem. What do you think????
Linux srcds runs, but I need to to test something on windows too, so well, it can be everything, it can be Windows, can be bad processor handling, etc etc.

Think we have to wait for the programmers to test this scenary and maybe fix it.
Maybe but isn't any admin out there reading this???

Maybe he got an idea and if so plz man help i would be very thankfull(dont know if this is good english^^)
Is the server generating a .mdmp file in the main directory )next to the srcds.exe?
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