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Server problem
i have 3 pc at home. First pc is server windows srcds. Other computers have one steam account for counter strike source. First problem when i start srcds is that: couldn't recognized commands like zh_regens 1 ... ( zombie horde mod ) also i have mani admin plugin. Second problem, i can only connect to server if i am online. If i am online 2 computers with the same accounts can't connect to the same server. If i am offline : see print screen
[Image: 9825untitled2.jpg]
error verifying steam Userid ticket.
Plz help me i have play css in lan with friends.Big Grin

What i must do?
If it doesn't recognize commands, the mod isn't installed/loaded correctly

You can NOT play with 2 computers on the same steam account, you need separate steam accounts for every player.
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Whats that source dedicated version?

Try use to go steam and tools and download the source sdk in tools Toungue
No you shouldnt do that. Use the srcds version.
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