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Map using player_weaponstrip causing server crash
I am making a map using player_weaponstrip as the main basis for the map.

It is for dod:s and is a map based on fy_dodgeball from cs 1.6. Basically everyone gets their weapons stripped and has only grenades. It's pretty simple but is causing my test server to crash when players disconnect.

I have tested various setups of the map and am SURE that its the player_Weaponstrip entity that is causing the crash as it only happens when i disconnect after stepping into the trigger for it.

I have attached a screenshot of what happens. I can also supply the mdmp. Is there somewhere I can figure out what this mdmp means btw?


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no one has seen this before?? at all???

Sorry, I'm not that good into the modding world to see how that could influence anything, Have you tried maybe asking someone at like hl2coding or alliedmodders? They might be able to help you with it.
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