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New 32man CS: Source 100 tick US-NYC Pub vote or dust2/office
Server IP:

Our clan just purchased a 32 man 100 tick Counter-Strike: Source server.
We play all the time and we are good admins we don't ever like to ban people and if we do its never perm.

We are looking to fill our server with people, right now its just us and some bots ;(
please come play, and have fun Toungue Tell your friends !!

p.s. free punch and pie...

Server Modifications:

SteamBans Detox (Anti-Wall Hack, Anti-Speed Hack)
Aimbot Detection
Deadtalk (All dead players can talk to each other regardless of team)
WhoBangedMe?: Source (Team flashing information)
Healthkit On Death (When a person dies they drop a health kit for 10hp, grab it within 30 seconds)
Hostage Down! (Lets everyone know which person killed a hostage.)
C4 Countdown Timer
Sell! (Use !sell menu at buy area to sell your weapons back for cash money)
KnifeMug (Knife someone and snatch their purse)
QuickDefuse (CT's can pick a wire to cut while defusing the bomb. Pick the correct one and instant defuse. Wrong one and BOOOOM.)
Sweet sounds like a fun party server.
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