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Starting srcds,exe does nothing
I can't get to the GUI, when I double click on srcds.exe nothing happens.

I can start a server via command lines, but can someone help?
Hmm it seems that I can install the Dedicated Server from within Steam. It seems much easier and doesn't eat space. I am just trying to run a very tiny server for a few people. I can't add my own custom map to the Steam version of dedicated server, is this correct???
The srcds.exe can't be clicked, it requires commands to run, look at any tutorial for the console, simply remove the -console command and it will run in GUI, however I don't see any reason why one would run GUI since it has some disadvantages.

Same goes for the steam srcds, yes it uses less space but that's exactly what you don't want, it's good too have it's own files.

But then again as you won't run a big server, I doubt you'll really notice the difference.

You can add custom maps, you just have to find the folder to put them in (I never use the steam one).
May I also point out that using it in steam you need 2 steam accounts, 1 for the server and 1 for the game.
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What are the disadvantages to using the srcds GUI?
I personally use the console, but I've been wondering if the GUI might make it easier to get a read-out of current players and such...
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