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Server not responding( not noob question )
This is not the usual nooby thing its something I've searched over and over for. I just recently created an srcds server and my friends try to view server info it says "server not responding" but of course, they can join, i have no router so no port problems, port is on 27015, firewall is off, anybody can join, they just can't see the server info, also its 100 tick. Anybody know how to fix this? Is it a DSL problem because i have dsl with good upload rates. And when i give someone the ip to connect to, they can't connect but if they connect to the ip that shows when they view my friends info they can connect. Any help?
Whats your router?
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I don't have a router
If your gaming computer and server are running on the same connection, you probably have a router (or something that is giving out local IPs via a NAT).

What game server are you running?
Is it a DS?
Do you have the port listed in the startup command?
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After you know your router try to dmz you server tell me if you need further help
There is no router only a modem because there is no possible way to connect to or whatever the router ip is supposed to be, yes its dedicated, Counter-Strike Source is the game server. How do i list it at startup cmd?
if you mean like this "-console -game cstrike +de_dust2 +maxplayers 16 +port 27015", then yes
oooh that "+"port may be my problem
If your external port is like a weird number you didn't set you have a router, try figure out which one you have. Some companies call their router modems, it's very misleading.
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