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I live in a dorm at the University of Louisville and I'm almost 100% positive none of the ports required for the server are blocked so beyond that I have a few questions regarding if my computer would easily run the server AND allow me to use my computer at the same time.
The download and upload speed is super fast (very very very fast).
My computer specs are as follows:
Intel® Core® 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHZ
3GB of DDR2 667MHZ memory
380GB hard drive 7200RPM
Nvidia 8600 GTS
Now again my question is if it can run say a 24 person server at whatever tick and still allow me to play CSS off of it or anything else while the server is still running (24x7). Thanks =D
simply: no

You shouldn't and sometimes even can't run a server from the same computer, no matter how good your computer is.
Either get a dedicated computer to run the server from or run a listen server from ingame.
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Well I use to do it with 1.6 with a 10 person server (no lag) but if I did it with any amount over 10 persons it would become unplayable though with a full server it was fine. That was off a p3 with 512mb and an radeon 9800se so I would assume that this computer which is vastly superior should be able to do it. I was hoping you all would have some experience with it but I guess I will just try it myself.
No people have had problems hosting and playing on the same computer with not being able to join ANY server.
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