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Steam name problem
I know this should be posted at Steam's site but i didn't want tpo wait a day for it to allow me to post...

So, my problem is that Steam ALWAYS changes my name back from -=[A.C]=- / Cforce \ Webmaster to [FIS]Cforce

no matter how many times i change it.

another problem i have actully is that Steam In-Game dosn't work. But when i look in the options i see that it should work, and i have tried to change shortcut...
If the name issue your referring to is your in game name: i bet your using F10 to quit. next time you quit, instead of hitting F10, click the quit button.

if not: no idea

as for ingame, if you have fraps or xfire or anything of the sort, it may be interfeering with the in game chat. Neither xfire nor in-game work for me.
I always quit using the Disconnect --> Quit

and with Xfire, previously i used Xfire, MSN, etc and it worked fine
Ingame is bugged, doesn't work for a lot of ppl including me.

for the name thingy, set your name ingame and the type this in console:
alias name "error, no name changing"
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