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hey im running mani on my server.
i have sv_downloadurl "url" in my server.cfg, but it dosnt read it and when i go into css and join and type sv_downloadurl in the consol it didnt see my url i put in. so i put in the console of css ma_rcon sv_downloadurl "url" and it changes that and it works. so i tired putting that into my server.cfg and it didn't work so i tried just rcon, didn't work either. so i am stuck and i would like some help.... ty
you have to type rcon sv_downloadurl (i think) to check vars.
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No problem reading it, it will always read, if it works is another problem but that mostly depends on the host it's on.
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i tired the original way and it didnt work.. it only worked if i defined the sv_downloadurl ingame with rcon.
Are you sure mani (or any other config) is not overwriting your initial sv_downloadurl path?
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idk....all i know is i tried puttgin it on mani_server.cfg and it didnt work and also if i just put sv_downloadurl "" in server.cfg and i went in game and typed sv_download url is would show

sv_downloadurl = ""

and if i corrected it ingame it would show the right 1
Try "" Wink
Usually you need to specify the protocole
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i did.

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