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Server dies on player death?
I have been trying to get a solid TF2 server up in advance of an upcoming lan party and for the most part it has been smooth sailing until now.

If I get on the server and my player dies, the server crashes immediately.

The server is up and visible in the server browser and I am running mani_admin mod (non meta Mod version). I find nothing in the logs about it and the console drops too fast to see any possible error.

The server is (or was) up and running right now with the name FRAGfinity TF2 Server in the server browser or just type for the ip in your favorites if you want to see for your self, just please post back here afterwards so I can put the server back up.

Thanks for any help
I disabled adminmod and had no problems so it must be something with mani, I will post over there, any help still appreciated though.
Try runnign it undeer metamod instead of the VSP/VDF, it has proven to work much better
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I will try it, but I did find out what the problem is. Apparently it doesn't like when an invulnerable admin gets killed or suicides.
i had the same problem as you, i ran mani admin with sourcemod, and when i would die on custom maps via suicide it would cras the server. I am currently testing beetlesmod which seems to work pretty good, havnt had a server crash in ages.
I will give it a try a stick with whichever one works best, that was rather perplexing for a while.

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