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Stable Server Side FPS
well atm i currently have 3 Intel Q6600 dedis with 3GB ram each running around 12 game servers a piece.

the performance is very good on them all when full but im trying to stable the fps on them abit more because even when players arent on it gives unstable readings.

im on windows 2003 server and i have done quite a few tweaks already.
i run srcdsfpsboost and for some reason windows 2k3 server being itself has strange ways with fps_max etc if set to 512 it will stay half 256 i use fps_max 0 atm but i was wondering if there is anyway of making it 512 more stable.
dont set it to 512. Set it to 600.
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Yup, you always have to set it higher than the actual FPS will go, for example 600+ will generate 512FPS when it's FPSboosted. 512 at the same time is the max that will run.
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