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Help!! I get error msg when i start server!
Hi i have installed souce mod and meta mod and also mani admin plugin. But when i start the server i get this when i typ meta list in console :

] meta list
-Id- Name Version Author Status
[01] - - - NOFILE
[02] SourceMod AlliedModders LLC RUN
[03] CS:S Tools AlliedModders LLC RUN
[04] SDK Tools AlliedModders LLC RUN

so i figured out that i have typed this in the metaplugins.ini file:

/addons/mani_admin_plugin/bin/mani_admin_plugin_mm in the metaplugins.ini file.

So i deleted the firts "/" so it was like this :


but when i started the server i got a error messege :S why do i get that?? it says "memory could not be readed" .
are you sure you have the right version of mani? also make sure you have installed it correctly.
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