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my server is not responding
No one can conect to me server how can i fix this it is not responding
First post in the right forums PLEASE!
Second, what is your IP address?
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my ip address is and what form do you want this in
that's your internal ip address, what's your external?
how do i find that

You will need to configure your router to allow incomping connections on your gameserver port (27015 default).
How to do that depends on the router you have, and I am sure you will find tutorials about this in the web (google)

Btw: if your connection speed is below 1Mb/s Upload (on DSL usually 10Mb/s down, often called 10000+) forget about it, as it will lag all the time...
(I dont say that it wont lag with a higher speed Smile )
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My ip is so now what do i do
If people still cant connect, you will have to open router ports (see my post above)\

P.S: Please note that your ip usually changes every few hours
Q: What would an omnipotent computer to?
A: Get rid of humanity!
go here:

and follow the instructions for your particular router.
Thx that should be all you were a lot of help
Please post in the correct forums next time...
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