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old challenge
hi guys i was just wondering what this means old challenge it keeps popping up when i run my server and do i need to add anything to my server list ? im new at this :s can anyone help me out? this is my first map to with hidden surprises lol

sv_lan 0
// means that by default you server would not be a lan server. If you want it otherwise, change 0 to 1.
sv_region 255
// defines the region where the server is located.
// 1=US West coast, 2= South America, 3=Europe, 4=Asia, 5=Australia, 6=Middle East, 7=Africa and 255=world.
hostname "YoJo's Death Match plugin de_dust2_unlimited"
// server name
exec banned_users.cfg
mp_roundtime 10
mp_timelimit 0
mp_friendlyfire 0
rcon_password xxxxxxxxxx
mp_startmoney 800
mp_c4timer 20
bot_quota 0
sv_minrate 4200
sv_minupdaterate 20
sv_unlag 0
mp_flashlight 1
mp_footsteps 1
mp_allowspectators 0
alias botkick "bot_quota 0"
alias t1 "sv_gravity 100"
alias t2 "sv_gravity 800"
alias t3 "sv_gravity 3000"

sv_contact ""

so if someone could help me it would be much appreciated
Thanks guys
Please use the search function next time and if you want to know exactly what it is!

It doesn't do anything and can be ignored
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