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bandwidth / cpu / mem
does anyone have any numbers on what is the average requirement for running a server?

lets say a 24 slot linux TF server .. what is the aprox bandwidth on the "standard" maps ( cp_well etc ) with 24 players? ..
anyone know aprox what amount of mem this should take .. i know mem and cpu are really dependant on the mb/cpu combo .. but bandwidth should be about the same on all systems.
I have been running two 24 player servers for the last week or so, on a xeon quoadcore 2.13 GHZ.(tick rate 66).

My cpu load is about 20% when both servers are filled, mem usage is around 500MB, but this is both on filled and empty servers, as i believe both unix and srcds have a tendency to take as much mem as they can get.
My OS is CentOS 5

Severs are full for about 6 hours a day on week days, and 12 on weekends, below are the traffic stats :

11/19/2007 11,731 GB
11/18/2007 10,809 GB
11/17/2007 15,194 GB
11/16/2007 10,771 GB
11/15/2007 6,393 GB servers were not filled
11/14/2007 1,154, GB Downtime due to update
11/13/2007 10,915 GB
11/12/2007 14,288 GB
11/11/2007 10,553 GB
11/10/2007 15,733 GB
[Image: banner_350x20_C692108-381007-FFFFFF-000000.png]
You must have one hell of a bandwidth bill Big Grin or should that be 10.7 GB etc?
RogueT Wrote:You must have one hell of a bandwidth bill Big Grin or should that be 10.7 GB etc?

LOL! I'm from holland, and we use comma's Toungue but yes, it should be 10.7 Smile
[Image: banner_350x20_C692108-381007-FFFFFF-000000.png]
Those are some good statistics!
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