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Looking for Admins to promote & help us grow
Our gaming community ( has been around for quite some time. Back in our heyday, we had 10 servers going which were all full 24x7 (mostly Q3 based, also BF2, etc).

Some things happened, the Quake 3 Fortress community dried up, and situations changed. Recently (within the past 4 months or so) things are finally back in shape. TF2 was released, 20/20 Symmetric fios was made available in my area, and now I have the resources to host a load of servers on a box I recently built (8GB quad core linux box).

We are looking for in-game admins to both help promote our community and to do general "upkeep" (kicking the unruly, banning glitchers, etc). Also, if you have the fortitude to learn, we also can task you with server-based tasks both in Linux and Windows 2003 server.

Those available during the daytime hours are especially useful, but at this point we'll take anyone who is level-headed and has self-control Smile

If you are interested, you can email me at or hit up the Railbait forums and PM Ice Nine (

As it stands right now we have 5 TF2 servers going (and we really don't even need that many - obviously suggestions are welcome).

Thanks for your consideration.

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