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how would i make it were when my server stops or i restart it it will autoupdate on my windows server?
You can write a bat script to run an update when the server is stopped.
The only problem being that if there is a socket error, the server is then screwed until you go in and update it until it's 100% up-to-date.
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what would the bat script look like? I one that works like this but it is update only

cd \gameservers\tf2
start /wait hldsupdatetool -command update -game "tf" -dir D:\gameservers\TF2 -verify_all

but how do i add it th the bat script on the website?
You can throw in the update switch, but Mooga is saying that if socket errors, it's dead untill you manually restart the process. You can tell the server to -autoupdate in the command line once you have run the hldsupdatetool at least once. So;
start /wait srcds.exe -autoupdate -console -game tf blah,blah,bla...
and add your own command variables for map, players, ip, etc.

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Or, ask Drocona for his auto updating and protector srcds batch file.
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ok thank you for the help i will talk to him about it, and woody "-autoupdate" this will not work for me because i am running windows
Mr. Chaos Wrote:...woody "-autoupdate" this will not work for me because i am running windows

D'oh, sorry need to read the post better. Was just in a "hurry to help".

You can always call it via a batch file like this;
d:\gameservers\tf2\HldsUpdateTool.exe -command update -game tf -dir d:\gameservers\tf2 -verify_all
d:\gameservers\tf2\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game tf +maxplayers 20 +map ctf_2fort

and call the batch with the start /wait. (Or get the code from "D" as mentioned.)
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i will try that woody

Replace the commandlines and directories to yours
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thanks this is what i needed
Thanks D. Smile
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