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Rebuy and Auto Restrict Problems
Hey, My server Auto Rebuy only buys 3 things hegrenade,flashbang and smokegrenade. The AutoRestrict only restricts one weapon when i put in the map_config, ma_restrict awp and ma_restrict Flashbang.

And if anyone could please help me find the best rates for my server and how many slots it can handle.

The server running on a Intel Celeron CPU 1.70GHZ 768MB of ram.
upload speed 800kbps

Thanks! Smile
The rebuy and probably autorestrict are Eventscript problems, if you disable it the server will run fine.

Celeron won't do much I'm afraid, they are very bad processors, you'll have to test the maximum amount of slots it can handle by adding bots to the server and see how the CPU % is going.

for 800kbps you can do:
12 players
sv_maxrate 9000
33 tickrate
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