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srcds and RAM usage
Whenever starting srcds with TF2, it sometimes uses about 140-190MB of RAM right from the start, and sometimes just around 5MB from the start. It can sometimes build up to 120MB gradually. Depending which map ofcourse, the usage drops or rises, but thats normal, cp_well for example its smaller than dustbowl or hydro. Whether this is done because of CRC checking on sv_pure I don't know. Is anyone else noticing this? Why such a random memory usage ? What's the reason?
I never noticed it really, but I dont use sv_pure at all so, does it stop when you disable it?
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i have noticed the same. i have also added a 2nd server to the box.
1 server will show around 150meg , and the 2nd server will show 5 to 10 meg.
these are when the servers are empty.
(myself) i really don't think it's related to the sv_pure

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