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Is there a way u can make a script that changes rcon to mani
??? if so plz tell me how it works someone is trying to get me to accept this thing from him
what are you trying to say? it doesn't make sense.
Huh? Please explain a tad more.
realchamp Wrote:
Hazz Wrote:Has someone helped you on these forums? If so, help someone else
Mooga Wrote:OrangeBox is a WHORE.
Spartanfrog Wrote:Huh? Please explain a tad more.
midwestmafia Wrote:
Spartanfrog Wrote:Huh? Please explain a tad more.

yes please explain what it is you want.
Get these posts straight midwestmafia, I want them explained asap, if it doesn't happen I will delete them due to spam.
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