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I have a question about some weird memory results with SRCD. Keep in mind that I am running TF2 with no mods and a basic config for testing. The system specs are: Windows 2003 Web Edition, Xeon 2.33 GHz X 2, 2 GB or RAM. All the memory stats where taken directly from Task Manager.

Has anyone noticed that when they start the SRCD application (via the console) it takes up ~195,532 K memory. However, if you minimize the console the memory gets reduced to ~3,582 K. Keep in mind there are 0 players in the server. Is this normal? Why such a big difference in memory usage for just minimizing the console?

Also I found out (tested) that when a player connects the console runs at ~25,484 K. Which I understand because now the server has to account for the new player that joined. However, if you maximize the SRCD console and minimize it the memory goes back down to the ~9,990 K. I would imagine that the server would not reduce its memory rate for a simple minimize/maximize.

Would it be beneficial to actually setup a progrom that minimizes/maximizes the console?

Should I not be minimizing/maximizing the windows, so that it program runs at the ~195,532 K memory from the beginning?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.
Also please post if you see similar results on your server(s). I am assuming everyone sees roughly the same results.
I don't know why the memory usage falls down when you minimize... however if you keep looking at the taskmanager after you minimized you will find that the memory usage slowly builds up to the amount unminimized.

You can run the SRCDS minimized, no problem, I always run them like that.
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