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busy steam ip range?
i know steam works on a low IP system. I.E a 81..... server attracks more traffic than a 217...... server.

What is better though

will steam lirally show more traffic for the lower 73 range or will 82 be better?


i used to run on an 81 ip which was great, loads of traffic. Any views?
The way the steam master server list works, is that it shows servers starting with ones close to your own IP range.

i.e if you have an 82.xx.xx.xx home IP, it will start showing servers on and around the 82.xx.xx.xx range and then branch out.

It all depends on your home IP. Most Europeans will find themselves around the 80's range whereas US will be in the 60's and some 70's (talking about tier 2 and 3 ISPs here).
ahh right gotcha! never noticed that Smile i am not to meithered about my own or regulars as they will have it in favs. Its just to keep it busy really. I am thinking 83 is looking the better option now? 78 sureley will attrack more usa than uk peeps?
I think the range around 77-95 is owned by RIPE (which covers Europe, Some of Asia) - so doubt you'll get any USA people from those ranges - mainly Europe, always seems to be Germans though...
There isn't such thing as a good IP really, people will find it anyways, just might take a little longer to show up (which is only a matter of a few seconds really)
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