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Running two servers on one box, recommended?
Hey I have a 16 slot server, 66 tickrate that runs a cycle of de_dust2/de_aztec, but I really want a gun game, deathmatch, or fun map server that runs 66 tickrate as well. I can't decide if I should do it. I would run it on the same box I am running the first server on.

Dell Optiplex 260
CPU: 2.66 GhZ
Ram: 512 mb
OS: Linux Fedora 7

If I ran it on the same box would I be able to make the ip for the server something like and still have the old server's ip be or would I just have to settle for a different port

Thanks in advance!
[Image: 201998095.png]
Really depends on what CPU is inside, is it pentium, celeron, sempron, x2, whatever...

Also it's a bit low on ram for multiple servers, overall all you can do is simply try!

You should be able to add a new domain, in the "pointer" add the port at the end
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yea cpu and ram ... I got our box running 5 100tik css source , cs1.6100tik,dodsurce100tik, tf2 match and pub 75tik, goldeneye source 100tik, hl2dm 100tik... oh yea and it rund 3 pub bf2 PR servers Toungue

quad core ftw
HOLY FUCKING SHIT! There is no way none of that lags? That sounds like WAAAAAYYY too much! Soon I might be getting a dell that has 2.66 Ghz 1 gb of ram, would that be able to run 2 100 tic servers?
[Image: 201998095.png]
None of it lags my dedicated box is a Quad Core

.:iGi:. clan dedicated server
Intel Q6600 (4x2.4Ghz, 8MB Cache)
250GB SATA HDD (16MB Cache)
1.5TB of premium bandwidth

and Maybe yea ... When I used my old box duel xeons I used to keep my css pub at 75tik and match at 100 BUT with those bf2 servers it would lag when full Smile
I have a Sony with a 2.2ghz Pentium 4 and 1gb RAM, running XP Home, does anyone think I can run two servers? I already have a server for goldeneye;Source running, and there are never more than 10 people on, and i was going to run either a Gmod or a DM server.

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