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Getting data from server and putting it into a database

Im making a new site and i want a system where i can send certain information from my gameserver to a database on my webserver. Then i want to use this information to display certain things on my website, for example, last player to join the server and how long ago. I also want to plot graphs of activity.

Now, i know programs like Hlstatsx do this, but i really dont need 90% of there features, its like using a rocket launcher to kill an ant, I just want a light weight mod.

Is this possible? Have people done something like this before (an available mod). Will sending this information to a webservers database slow down the game server?.

I would appreciate any help / advice you can give.

1. It's possible - could be done pretty easily
2. Most of it has been done in "parts" - there are SQL database plugins, if they can send what info you like is the next question...
3. It won't slow down your server - traffic is so small, only text, won't notice a thing.
4. You might have to code your own plugin - if the current plugins don't have support for what you want.
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Sounds like a cool thing to do.
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