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Team Fortress 2 - Tab no Avatars
Hello, we have created a TF2 cracked server (why cracked, most of ppl here in Lithuania doesnt own TF2, only a few does).

Everything is running fine.

But there is a small problem. In game, when you press Tab to see the board with player name on it, on legit steam servers you see avatars, and in our server there are not any. You are able only to see yours as your are playing with legit steam acc.

So my question is. Is there any special command, or sthn else we can do to make those avatars work?

As I understand they are taken form players steam account. Maybe anyone had same problem?
Avatars are taken from the person's steam account.
Names ALSO were taken from steam accounts until recently.
Your only hope is that steam updates it so that tf2 can also manage it's own avatars.
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I'm sorry, I'd love to help but we can not assist with illegal activities
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Drocona Wrote:I'm sorry, I'd love to help but we can not assist with illegal activities

We have legal CSS servers all right, but TF2 is a new gamem and it is not yet that much popular, that we could start legal TF2 server...

The best way from my experience as a biggest CSS server owner in our country, to make people buy legal CSS at first you created cracked and only then legit servers.

Its okay really if you cant help I will just search for help in an other server.
Yup, I'd imagine it won't work because it can't grab the avatars from Steam since the server isn't legitimately running on Steam... Valve's systems probably detect it as "modified" and don't serve it any Steam-related data, including users' avatars and probably other stats and stuff...

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