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Wish list from a noob server owner
I'm new to running a source server.

I would essentially like to speed up the gameplay on my server.
(at least just to test it out)

What i would like to do with my server is the following:
0 respawn time (done thanks to beetlesmod,)
0 self damage for rocket jumping and sticky bomb jumping
20% - 25% increase in movement & shooting speed across the board
Give soldiers 6 rockets instead of 4

Possibly run the above config as a separate instance on the same hardware as my current server. (i dont know how to do a separate instance yet though)

Can anyone point me in the right direction to accomplish the above?

aka -]Rx[-Ragnar
That's going to be one hell of a job and you won't be done by christmas 2010

damage yourself can be done with a plugin fairly easy, however you need to know C++ and have Visual studio 2003
movement might be able to do that with variables but I highly doubt it, probably heavy plugin work.
6 rockets will probably need full recoding of the rocketlaucher, need serious knowledge about programming then.
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Thanks for the reply Drocona!
that stinks then.
I thought there was a gamespeed cvar? something like sv_maxspeed?
Oh well, it's like my old football coach used to tell me, "Ragnar, you thinking weakens the rest of the team."

As far as programming, i haven't had to do any of that in 10 years....
Oh well, it's still a great game!
Self damage for R-jumping is traditional. While I understand removing it, it could make solders more powerful. same with extra ammo.

Have you considered playing Fortress Forever instead? It's MUCH faster then TF2 and has more of a TFC feel to it (which is what I think you want).
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