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Server not showing up in the server list
Hey folks. I have a tf2 server that is running in a DMZ, so no ports are being blocked. I am attempting to get it to show up in the steam servers list, but it never does. If I right click, and add by IP, the name shows up and the server info. I have changed the default name to that of my clan/etc, but it never shows up. Any suggestions? When I was running a cs:s server, it would do the same thing...this is really frustrating.
Did the CSS server go online, or does it have the same problem now?
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Can you verify that you see the message "Server added to master list" or similar in the log file?
make sure it's set as a WAN server and not LAN...
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yeah, I do not see anything stating being added to master list, and I dont know how to designate that it is a WAN server. I went through the tutorial and did not see anything about that.
Ensure you have sv_lan 0 in your server config (or DON'T have sv_lan 1, as 0 is default).

Also try adding +ip <ip address> on the command line, where <ip address> is your EXTERNAL IP address (the one tells you).
okay, yes I have that set right, and I rechecked the server, and I have two IP addresses that say "adding to master server" with a port number after that.
What's your server name? I'll see for you if it shows up in my list...
sure, my tf2 server name is ##100 tick/ff on tf2 babs pub server (
my cs:s server is ##100 tick/ff on/cal rotation/babs pub server ( I recently added the ## to try to get it to show up also, with or wihtout the pound symbol, it does not show up. If I right click/add server by ip it works fine.
can someone try to see if they see my servers in the server lists?
I had a look last night, but couldn't see it. It did show when I added it manually by IP, as you did.

Not sure why this is happening. I'll have another look later to see if I can work it out.
okay, do you want me to paste my server.cfg in there?
Did you get this to work? I am having the same issue with my CSS Server, I can find it and add it by IP but it is not showing up on the server list. It is set for WAN, and I have the internal IP address added to my command line. When I start the server it says it is adding it to the master server with two IP's but those IP's are not mine.

Anyone have any ideas?
does anyone have a server.cfg file they could paste in here, as well as their command line stuff? I want to try a different file and entry to see if that fixes it.

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