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Good Cheap Server?
Is there such thing? I was wondering I couldn't find any cheap one withen my range of price (about $100-$300) Is it possible? And another question how do people (like and put there files on the internet accessable by people through ftp or file manager?
If your talking about a game server then 100-300 is crazy high, lol. If your talking about a dedicated server you could use something like

You would have ftp access to box as well as control panel access via interworx. If you can afford the setup fee then the monthly isn't bad. With the dual woodcrest though would still be under your 300 mark with free setup.

Other then that though just look around. There are some cheaper out there, but you get what you pay for. Always remember that in the hosting world. If its a lot cheaper then most, there is probably a reason why.
I meant like my own server that you buy for me to keep. Not something over the web sorry lol didn't explain that part but yeah, Thats what i wanted, and I was wondering if that was possible? Because i dunno in the end i think it would be cheaper just to buy your own server to keep, cus that monthly fee is high for a kid, like me!
Are you talking about buying a dedicated server outright to host your own game servers on? Don't forget that if you do this, you will have to worry about maintenance/upgrade costs, providing a good quality line, electricity, space to keep the server in, etc etc. In my opinion, this just wouldn't be worth the money and/or hassle if you only want 1 server.

Is it crucial that you don't get a server 'over the web'?

With regards to the question about FTP, you can run an FTP server and create accounts for your users to log into - it's just a simple matter of setting their 'root' folder to where their game server files are installed. FTP is actually just a protocol, so you can use any number of a variety of applications to serve your files. We've implemented this for the game hosting company I work for so it automatically sets up an FTP account for the customer as part of the purchase process, so if you would like some more info then feel free to PM Smile
Or another thing, is buy your own server and have it co-located in a datacenter. The really bad thing about hosting a server from home is the unreliability of it. You also won't be able to do near as much with it, since limiting factor will be your internet. Unless you get like t1 or something. Even that will end up being the limiting factor for most servers. Also a t1 will cost you about the same if not more than to have a server co-located.
And to buy a decent server quality pc, you would probably spend more then 300. If you only going to run it on a home connection though just a simple processor with about a gig of ram you should be able to build it for under 300.
i was running a test server on mylap top, i am going to be repairing a machine that needs a New HD its a 2.8ghz with a gig of ram, hopefully ill be in market for a nice connection, my current cable is a decent 6.8mbps down but for some reason where my machine is i am getting 500kbps upload where as another pc in my home is getting 1mbps.
I have a home server, 3 gigs dual-core athlon 64. I have Verizon Fios, 20 download 5 upload and it works fine, no problems. Everyone just complains that i lag because i have wifi and i get like 3 mbps on a good day with my computer.
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Also Skeletor, i really dont understand how colocation works. You buy a server and send it to them? What if you want it back?
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Hazz Wrote:Has someone helped you on these forums? If so, help someone else
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Usually you buy a server, then you bring it to the datacenter or if overseas/far away send it to the datacenter.
You can also buy a server from the colocation company so you don't have to bring it there anymore.

When you want it back they send it back to you, simple as that Smile
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i kno a place, that charges 1.00 a slot game servers,, i have a couple servers through them, and they are very very nice servers, for that cheap, i own a 24 man unlimited ammo zm, 24 man rpg/dm surf, and a cal match server from them, and not even a single lag spike, some nice servers there
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give a try

They can do dedicated servers on the low end.
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If you're still looking for an actual server that you own, EBay is your friend on that. Look for either a HP Prolant (G3 series would be best), or a IBM server. They do have a few no-name brand ones on there for pretty cheap.

The only problem is finding a datacentre that's cheap enough to host one. I found out out here in Denver that's pretty decent, but most places charge around $200/month to have your server in their datacentre.

Hope this helps!

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