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Metamod Problems
Okay.. I FINALLY!!! got my server working (Vista doesn't like port 27015, so I had to open 27030...) I want a Zombie/DM/GunGame server to be running on diffrent maps (zombie maps, FY maps and gg maps respectivley.) Okay, so I made my maps.cfg and they all work fine... I start up on say fy_iceworld, and it loads DM up... I change to zombie map and it loads up zombie_horde plugin using metamod... It unloads deathmatch and gungame... Fine... Okay, so then I change to a gungame map, The server crashes... My server does not like Unloading metamod scripts, every time I attempt to "meta unload addons/zombie_horde/bin/zh_mm" it crashes, although it's okay loading it... I have mani plugin and EventScripts plugin working... Does anyone know what's wrong?
no idea why it would crash, I do know that zombiehorde has a CVar for turning it on and off, try that instead
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Okay... I typed "zh 0" into the map.cfg's and it worked perfect... Thanks, I'll make a tutorial on making a Vista server as Plenty of people are having trouble with it...

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