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Accessing my Server Online
Hello there,

My issue is that I am unable to locate my server online. I have installed the server correctly and can play in it, but only over my LAN.

Just wondering what I would to make it playable online.

I am running XP Pro, I have no router and the ports I need are open (that I know of).

what is your server's ip?
It should be It's not running at the moment though.
If you type "ipconfig" in cmd, does it give as the IP-Address?

if you don't have a router/gateway you can't even open ports.. since there's nothing to open them on and the server works "out of the box"
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No, it'll give me because my ISP has modems that do this. I was referring to opening ports, I meant opening them on my firewall.
I solved it. I had Hamachi (virutal lan client) installed and was giving me a network IP that was not what I wanted. I disabled the virtual network connection and it works. Hurrah.

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