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Church LAN Server Requirments, Help
Hello srcds community,

Thank you for any help in advance. Wink

Here in northern Minnesota, we have a Lan party at my church 4 times a year. We end up calling it a tri-game-athon because we have the 3 different systems(xbox, playstation, computer).

Anyway, normally we will run a CSS server on someones computer. I would like to get a dedicated server that will meet the needs of my church and also be inexpensive. We usually have about 30 computers and we are planning on having a 3v3 tournament and possibly 5v5 tournament.

What would it take to run this?
2X (100tic 10 person)

What would it take to run this?
2X (100tic 10 person)
20 Person 66 tic or 33 tic

Remember this is all lan.

Thank you again for any help.
1. (2x 10) 20 slots 100tick can be done by a 1.5GHz CPU or higher.

2. (2x 10 + 1x 20)40 slots at 100tick can be done by a P4 3.0GHz or higher.

All would need at least 512MB memory, recommended is 1GB.
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Thank you for the reply Drocona. It has helped. Smile

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