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Optimizing a Surf Server
hello srcds,

im obscure orange, long time reader / first time poster...

i know u guys have done alot with pingboosting / fps etc.
but i was wondering if u could desgin a little optimization checklist for my 8 slot surf server. (i don't know what rates and stuff to set to my specific server. Cause its a crap server running of 8000/374 adsl 2+)

a guide for my server (and other surf servers) would be greatly appriciated Smile

cheers, OO
Well all the info on rates and server configuration is in my guide, please read it, there's loads of info in there.
It doesn't matter what kind of server you run, it's always the same config.

Surf needs some special settings, I think you know what those are, if not they are in the guide under Advanced tips and tricks

here's the guide:

PS: Where do you live to get an ADSL 2+ connection THAT slow, cause that's simply ADSL, NOT 2 or even + (ADSL2 is more than 8Mbit and + goes up to 25mbit down, 1.3mbit up)
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