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Not install srcds.exe
I've used the install.bat to update all of my files it got to the end, and cmd.exe close... I re-ran it again just to make sure it had downloaded all files it said... installing/checking blah blah for everything and didn't install anything.. I went in to check if all the files were there and it hasn't downloaded any of the .MDMP files or more critically, SRCDS.exe... Here's a photo..

[Image: them.jpg]
That happen to me before. Try a clean re-install in a new folder.
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No need to completely reinstall it.

1. delete InstallRecord.blob
2. add -verify_all to the command line of the update
3. run it untill srcds.exe shows up

.mdmp files are "Mini dumps" generated by the server when it crashes, you shouldn't have any of those at all..
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