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VAC problem - works with CS:S not with TF2
On the same Windows 2003 server box. CS:S will connect to steam servers fine, but when loading up a TF2 server it will get a "Could not establish connection to Steam servers." error and stay insecure. No firewall, all ports open.

Only thing I see different is TF2 is "Using 'steambeta1:27013' CSER server!". Do you think that when it stops using steambeta1 this problem will go away?

Another theory I've heard is that the steam server may be using fragmented udp packets to connect? That is a no-no on the network I am on I believe.

TIA for any advice!
Try set a port on the seconds server to like -port 27016, might do the job.
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Nope. I have no problem getting the server online and being able to have users connect to it. The only problem is VAC which appears to use UDP. Any way to force VAC to use TCP? I've also tried using the -steamport in the commandline but that just changes the port from 26901 to whatever you want, but still uses the same protocol.

Also, I'm not running both the CSS server and the TF2 server simultaneously. I just started up the CSS server to see if VAC works, and it does.

Drocona Wrote:Try set a port on the seconds server to like -port 27016, might do the job.

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