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I really need help here tyrin to set it up verything goes wrong I'm sorry if i seem imature or anything but I cant set it up.

Help will be appreciated.

and does anyone know the computer requirements needed.
its a counter strike source server aswell Big Grin
Where are things going wrong?
Indeed, we love to help but we need to know what goes wrong first...

did you follow my installation tutorial?
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i dont understand what it means when it says save the files to srcds at the start.

and how the server actually works
Well after you've downloaded the dedicated server software from here (for Windows), you would follow Drocona's excellent guide (here) to install and set up your server.

The server can function on your LAN (the computers inside your house, school, office, etc.) or on the Internet where they can be accessed by the public. People would then connect to your IP address (explained in the above guide) to play whichever game you are planning on hosting.

Computer requirements aren't extreme. Mine far exceeds my needs with a Celeron 2.4GHz processor and 1GB of RAM. You will need a few GB free on your HD for the installation of all of the necessary software.

I would recommend reading through Drocona's whole guide and giving it a shot. If you get stuck at a specific place then we can help you with the problem areas.

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