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Alright .. I have a dedicated box through moReal (LOOK THEM UP!) and I am trying to start up my servers ... but I am teh nub. All the other servers I have had were shared, and I got and FTP and that was it .. now I have this login info, i remote into the server .. and now I am lost. I am not a NUB when it comes to computers ... just this configuration. I can find my list of servers 1-3 and they have a srcds.exe in the folders ... but I can't launch them.

Is this a command prompt only thing? I thought there was a GUI. they also preinstalled Server Checker ... can someone explain what that is all about?

Thanks in advance!
look here:

if srcds.exe is already in there then they've done steps 1 and 2, all you need to do is do step 3. well that plus load all your maps/mods and whatever.
Serverchecker is a small program that restarts your servers when they crash in some way.
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[/align]Thank you for your help guys .. I have my config setup .. but I am still having some issues. I will talk with my provider tonight to see whats up. Maybe they have some answers. I paid them for the first three setups, they should be more then willing to help me! Big Grin

also ... moReal ROX!
*Off topic* What is the processor that moreal uses for its dedicated servers?

I have a 3600+ X2 ... not very powerful, but more then power ful to run the 3-4 public and private servers I will be running .. and its an awesome deal compared to just renting server space.

They have some of the best servers I have ever used, please give them a hard look if you are in the market.
Currently talking to Almanac about one of them. Most likely purchase one.

Moreal is a stellar company to work with, I believe they recently increased their default dedicated server specs.
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I am having this same problem. It seems to being going around lately but no one seems to know how to fix it. People are specualting it is some SSE unpalatability error but its to bad someone cant figure it out. Ill be looking here for the answer ever day. Good Luck

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