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need some help for the choice of my server
Hi everybody

I would like to know if you could help me.Your experiences can be very helpfully for my problem.

I tip over OVH, but I come up against the offer to choose.

I would like to host :
2 arenas CS:S 20 slots each (with maps customs et scripts),
1 website,
Team Speak,
fast dowlnload for the maps,
and psychostat.
I know that it is usually inadvisable to make them live together..

I was going to choose :
1 server kimsufi for the website, TS , fast DL et Psychostat
Celeron 2GHz 256Mo of RAM, 100 Mbps
1 server start 100M L+ for the 2 arenas.
P4 3Ghz with 1Go of RAM, 100 Mbps
But i thought about an other thing : to take a Superplan 2007 to make all live together.
Intel Core2Duo E6300 2x 1.80 GHz with 1Go of RAM, 100 Mbps

What do you advise me?
Do the 2 offers can be good for my case and be sufficient?
I thank you for your help and wish you a great journey.

Having 2 separate servers would be the most efficient and proper way to go around this. But the use of a P4 CPU (even 3GHz) to run 2 x 20 slot gameservers wouldn't be my ideal machine - this also thinking about further expansion i.e. diff games, more servers.

If it was me, i would most likely get your last option. Although, i would look into upgrading to 2GB ram.

Why not try the 2 separate options for 1 month and see how you go? If you only really want to run 2 servers and don't plan on doing much else in the future, then by all means, go for the 2 separate machines.
I'd rather go for more processor power since that dual core just won't do much good really... I'm not exactly sure of what it can hold but with all the stuff you want on it besides the server it just won't hold more than 30 slots I'm afraid.

I too would go for the 2 separate, host the gameserver on the P4 and the webserver for files and other applications on the celeron.
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Ok thanks a lot for your help Smile
I will take the two separate as you said Wink
I had another question...
Did you use the stock kernel or did you use a custom compiled kernel ?

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